FAQs & T&Cs

Park Rules

Your safety is our priority. Participants must watch the safety briefing video before using the trampoline park.

  • Socks with rubber grips MUST be worn at all times - No bare feet (these are available at reception when you arrive).
  • Always watch out for other bouncers, bounce within your abilities and follow the rules!
  • Only one bouncer per trampoline
  • No double bouncing (bouncing someone else higher)
  • No climbing on the walls
  • No wrestling or pushing
  • No leaning or climbing on the netting
  • No sitting or lying on the trampoline mats or foam pads
  • No mobile phones or cameras on the bounce arena
  • No food, drink or chewing gum allowed on the bounce arena
  • No bouncing under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Do not attempt any jump beyond your own skill level
  • Remove all items from your pockets before entering the bounce arena
  • No keys, keychains, sharp or pointed items on the bounce arena
  • No belt buckles or studs on clothing
  • We also recommend the removal of all jewellery
  • Do not leave clothing on the bounce arena, use the lockers provided
Air Bag Safety
  • Only ever jump into the Air Bag / Foam Pit feet first to land on your back or bottom
  • No backflips into the Air Bag
  • Ensure your pockets are empty
  • We recommend that you remove all jewellery
  • Allow participants to exit the pit before jumping in
  • Take care to land on your feet, bottom or back
  • Exit the pit as quickly as possible
  • Do not bury yourself or others in the pit
  • Any items lost in the foam pit cannot be retrieved until scheduled maintenance
Slam Dunk Nets
  • One jumper at a time per lane
  • Hanging on the rim / net is prohibited
  • No flip dunks
  • Ball should not hit anything other than the backboard or the trampoline
  • Other participants cannot assist jumper with any tricks
  • No kicking the basketballs
  • No grabbing or hanging from the hoops
Jump Safe Our terms and conditions outline the risks in trampoline activity. Anyone attending Rebound Revolution is deemed to have accepted these conditions prior to jumping. Like most sporting activities, trampolining creates the potential for injury even when done properly and following appropriate rules and guidelines. Our rules and safety guidelines have been developed in conjunction with recognised safety experts with the specific direction to meet or exceed industry best practice. Under 6's must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Any person breaking the park rules will be asked to leave the court immediately. Please respect the park marshals decisions.

What activities are included on a Open Jump session

Perfomance trampolines, walk the wall, tumble tracks, slam dunk nets, half pipe trampolines, soft play area, and our brand new inflatable section including huge slides, jelly mountain, wipe out balls and much more!

What is the age range for the Open Jump sessions?

All ages are welcome during our open jump sessions, from young children to their parents and sometimes the grandparents! However, to ensure everyone is safe, children under 6 need a full paying adult on the park with them to supervise. This is to ensure that older and larger people don't accidentally bump into younger people. We host toddler sessions on Mondays, Fridays and weekends for children under 6 and their accompanying parent/guardian to use the park without the big kids. Adults supervising or using the park, please be considerate of smaller jumpers.

Can I enter the arena to watch my child during Open Jump?

Only persons permitted on the arena are full paying jumpers. Anti slip socks must be worn at all times along with a wrist band of that session they are attending. Under 6's that enter at parents risk, must have full paying attendee during a Open Jump session.

How long is an Open Jump session?

Todder sessions Monday & Friday are 2 hours long, Open Jump Sessions are 1 hour long and our Unlimited Bounce sessions on Mondays & Fridays are 3 hours. During off peak times when we are not at capacity staff may not call you off when your hour is up, so feel free to continue to jump and play until you've had enough! Please note, when we are at capacity staff have the right to call customers off when their session is up.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes! we recommend you do as we cannot guarantee a space if you turn up and if we are busy. Our safety video and waiver is now online too, so booking online will ensure you have everything ready to get on the park as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We do accept walk ins, subject to availability.

What time should I arrive?

You should arrive 20 minutes before you jump, the earlier the better as we have restricted parking on site, you will need a parking permit which you can collect from reception on arrival.

Is there a weight limit?

Based on the trampoline manufacturer's safety standards, the weight limit for an individual jumper at Rebound Revolution is 120kg. Our policy is to recommend that anyone with individual weight-related concerns consult a physician and receive medical clearance for rigorous physical activity on an unstable surface before engaging in trampoline jumping.

Can I come and use the café during my bounce?

Yes of course! Food an drink must be kept to the mezzanine / cafe area. Please do not take anything onto the park.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, we have locked lockers (£2 deposit) and also shoe storage which is unlocked.

Waiver - Do all jumpers have to have one?

Yes, they do. Children under 16 need an adult to sign a waiver on their behalf. Sign a waiver here. They last one year, unless we make any safety changes.

Can I bring my own socks

Yes you can bring your own Rebound Revolution socks. Please ensure they are clean and the grip on the soles are of high quality still and not worn off. You can purchase Rebound socks at reception or when you book online for £2.50 to take home and use when you like. We now require customers to wear hybrid safety socks, these have no grip on the heel for the safe use of the inflatables, we do not allow other park's socks that are not hybrid.

What is your refund policy

Rebound Revolution will refund any group bookings, parties or indivdual session bookings cancelled 5 days prior to the date of there booking. Any bookings cancelled after that time will not receive a refund. An option to move the booking will be offered at the managements discretion. Covid policy For customers enquiring about refunds and or requesting cancellations due to covid. Our refund policy is 5 days notice period before booking date. If you wish to cancel your booking less than 5 days before your booking date we cannot issue a refund but we will keep your booking on hold to be rearranged for a future date – subject to availability. There is no expiration for bookings kept on hold, to ensure everyone can return to have an enjoyable experience when they feel comfortable/able to do so.