COVID-19 What to expect
when coming to
Rebound Revolution.
 Rebound Revolution are implementing  new safety and hygiene rules to help protect you and our staff. 
(this sets out our proposed measures in line with the current government guidelines - these could change)
>>> Do you have COVID-19 symptoms?
- Do not book until you have fully recovered. Check the NHS advise on COVID-19.
- If you already have a booking, email to reschedule (
- If someone in your household has COVID-19 please follow government guild lines.
>>>  Temperture too high on arrival?
If this happens you'll be offered to reschedule your session / booking.
>>> The cleaning side of things.
- The arena will remain open throughout the day and cleaning will be increased, your safety is always our priority
- We will also be under taking deep cleaning during closing periods every evening.
- The Rodeo Bull and Wipeout are still open and will be cleaned on a regular basis. There will be no soft play toys or balls (including dodge balls or basket balls) for hygiene reasons. 
>>Visitor welfare.
 Hand sanitiser, anti bacterial gel will be available on arrival and throughout the whole venue.
>>> Bookings and payments.
- You can only book online and for 1 hour.
- ALL jumpers will be asked to wear Rebound Revolutions Jump socks for hygiene reasons.
(we are operating reduced sessions of capacity for 60 minutes to maintain a safe distancing in side the venue between each session.)
>>Are you spectating? 
- You will be charged £1.50 for spectating on the premises (off the arena), this is to help us keep an eye and manage capacity.
- Only one supervising adult from the same household as the jumper will be allowed. 
What happens on arrival. 


Please arrive at Rebound Revolution at least 20 minutes before your Open Jump session is due to start. Parking is limited, and despite decreasing our capacity we cannot guarantee a space will be available.


If our sessions are fully booked, please expect to queue outside. We have implemented a QR code outside while you are queuing, how to access, open your camera app or QR scanner, scan the code while you wait and follow instructions, you can do your wavier, check-in and see your booking on this platform saving you time.

Please use the hand wash station upon entering the park. All staff and customers must have their temperature checked when entering the park. If your temperature is higher than 37.8 degrees celsius then you and the rest of your booking (from the same household) will be asked to leave the site and return in 14 days. If you pass the temperature check, small groups will be asked to wait in a designated ‘holding’ area inside the building until we can safely allow you on to the park. This will allow time for changeover, getting ready and sorting socks/shoes. Please avoid using lockers. If you can leave valuables at home or in the car please do. Socks and shoes can be left at tables or with spectators.

Activities on the park

Rebound Revolution take the well being of all staff and customers seriously. Following COVID-19 we have carried out several changes within our business and meet all regulatory guidelines. For further information on what we are doing to help reduce the risk of transmission please refer to the first paragraph or speak to a manager.


Spectators will be limited due to capacity restrictions and charged £1.50.

Summary of supervision

• 0-5 years (under 6's) require direct supervision, a full paying attendee £12.50.

• 8 years – 13 years require non direct supervision (A parent or guardian on site)

• 14 years and above do not require supervision.

After your jump

We’ll call you off the park when your 60-minute bounce is over. To keep our customers safe we ask that all of our participants on the park leave the building as quickly as possible to allow time for our next session to get ready. We kindly ask that our customers exit the park, grab their belongings, and exit the site as quickly as possible.

Food and Drink

We have a table service app available in park for you to use when you are sat within the dining area.  Please place your order and pay via the app/QR code, and we’ll bring the food/drink directly to your table.

Please respect the staff and rules during this difficult time, difficult behaviours will be asked to leave the venue. Thank you for your time and understanding. 


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